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H1N1 Kills Four People in Hama

There has been no official announcement of the return of Swine Flu
H1N1 Kills Four People in Hama

Medical sources in Hama have confirmed cases of the H1N1 virus, known as Swine Flu, saying hospitals have recorded the death of four people in recent days.


The disease is curable, especially in the early stages, but misdiagnosis is considered the main reason for its spread and the casualties.


There has been no official declaration about the return of the virus to Syria, according to Safir newspaper and other local media sources.


Medical crews in the hospitals of Tartus and Homs have dealt with the symptoms identified as pneumonia, but reliable medical sources confirmed that the symptoms which caused several deaths are those of the H1N1 virus.


Websites in Hama referred to a new strain of flu that attacks the lungs a month ago, and it was reported that  "Saudis have spread it in the governorate."


H1N1 disease had spread to Syria in 2009 and the government officially announced hundreds of cases, but the true number of casualties has never been known.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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