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Gas Station Explosion Kills 5, Injures 30 in Homs City

Pro-regime media attempts to shift blame for incident on opposition fighters in the area, says local activist
Gas Station Explosion Kills 5, Injures 30 in Homs City

An explosion in the neighborhood of al-Inshaat in Homs has caused the death of five and the injury of more than 30 others, according to media activist Khudair Khashfeh.

Khashfeh added the explosion occurred near the Mamo gas station in al-Inshaat while a truck was unloading fuel. Regime media and pro-regime social media pages claimed the explosion was the result of shelling near the truck, an attempt to blame opposition factions for civilians deaths, Khashfeh said.

The activist noted that a number of witnesses denied hearing shelling near the scene, and no opposition factions in Homs have claimed responsibility for targeting the neighborhood or its surrounding areas.

Al-Inshaat was one of the first neighborhoods in Homs city that witnessed a movement against Assad's regime, prompting the regime to storm the neighborhood several times before seizing the area and deploying barriers throughout it.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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