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Document Shows Corrupt Police Officer Fortune Worth Billions

It is unclear whether there will be an investigation into the officer's acquisitions.
Document Shows Corrupt Police Officer Fortune Worth Billions

A leaked official document has revealed the extent of corruption in the Syrian police, with a junior officer shown to own 11 properties in affluent areas in Damascus worth more than one billion Syrian Pounds.


The document, obtained by Zaman al-Wasl and dated August 2013, confirms that officer Hosam Baqleh, a doctor, owns 11 properties beside the apartment assigned to him from the police directory. Three properties are Kafr Souseh, three are in Qanawat Basatin, three are in Qanawat Jadeh, and two are in Mezzeh.


The scandal was uncovered when the police officer did not use the apartment assigned to him, raising questions from the property registry office who found the officer owned 11 properties.


The office has queried how the officer acquired enough money for the properties in such a short time. What happens to him and whether a transparent investigation will be conducted by the Syrian regime is still unclear.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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