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Baath Party Celebrates 68th Anniversary

Activities held in Damascus to mark 68th anniversary of the party's establishment
Baath Party Celebrates 68th Anniversary

The Baath Party’s National Command, along with several of its provincial branches, organized a number of activities on Tuesday to mark the 68th anniversary of the party’s establishment.

In Damascus, the National Command launched the new Baath Party website, originally launched 14 years ago.

During the ceremony, Assistant Secretary General of the Baath Party Abdullah al-Ahmar spoke of the party’s history and the new challenges it faces today, particularly those posed by terrorist organizations in Arab countries with support from Western, regional, and Arab states.

Ahmar said that all Western attempts to subjugate Syria have failed thanks to the determination of its people and army, and the help of Syria’s allies and friends.

Another event marking the anniversary was organized in the Baath Party’s Tartous branch, with participants affirming that the party will continue to defend the Arab nation’s causes and issues. In Suweida province, a seminar was organized in which participants talked about the party’s history and its battles against division, a regressive mentality, and plots targeting the region.

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