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Assad Forces Kill at Least 27 in Waer

Two brothers of the prominent revolutionary Abdul Basset Al-Sarout among those killed
Assad Forces Kill at Least 27 in Waer

Shelling by forces loyal to Bashar Assad in the embattled neighborhood of Waer in Homs city, killed 27 people, with the death toll likely to increase, activists reported.


Assad forces killed dozens of rebel fighters who tried to break an army siege of the central city of Homs, state media and a monitoring group said on Wednesday.


Abdul Basset Al-Sarout, a prominent revolutionary figure, said 62 rebels with the al-Bayyadha Battalion, including his two brothers, were killed as they attempted to end an army siege that has lasted more than a year.


The state news agency SANA quoted a military source as saying army units "confronted armed terrorist groups" trying to get into the Khaldiya neighborhood north of the besieged rebel area in the Old City in the heart of Homs this week.


Assad forces have surrounded rebels for more than a year in Homs, a center of the uprising against Assad in 2011 which turned into an armed uprising and civil war after the Syrian leader's forces cracked down on protesters.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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