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Assad Appoints New Military Commander in Hassakeh

Regime dismisses Gen. Khadour after allied Kurdish militias call for change of command
Assad Appoints New Military Commander in Hassakeh

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has appointed a new military commander in Hassakeh province following demands by allied Kurdish militias.

Pro-regime news feeds reported Assad dismissed Gen. Mohamed Khadour after bloody clashes two months ago between Kurdish PYD and regime forces in Hassakeh.

The newly appointed commander, Hassan Mohammad, was previously deputy commander of the 17th Division operating near Raqqa. Reports also claim the regime has appointed a new commander for the National Defense Militia in the northeastern strategic city.

Regime-allied Kurdish militias have proved valuable in battling ISIS forces in the region, but their success will likely be limited beyond the Kurdish areas.

In relevant developments, the opposition’s National Coalition has formed a committee of eight members to assess the situation in the country’s northeast, with the aim of implementing a plan to endorse coexistence and tolerance between Syrian Kurds, Arabs, Assyrians and other minorities.

Syria's northeast has recently seen heated battles between ISIS and the armed Kurdish groups like People's Protection Units (YPG) and allied peshmerga, in addition to regime forces and moderate rebels.

The committee’s mission will face a number of difficulties as the Western-backed opposition group’s influence is limited in ISIS controlled areas. But it is hoped the initiative will be seen as a sign of good will to bridge the gap between the Syrian people, activists say.

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