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Army Claims to Restore Stability in Sadad

Sources tell pro-government media the army killed dozens of terrorists
Army Claims to Restore Stability in Sadad

An official source said Syrian army units restored security and stability to the town of Sadad, in Homs countryside, on Monday, eliminating the terrorists there.


The source said the army killed a large number of terrorists there and destroyed their weapons and ammunition, also dismantling dozens of explosive devices which were planted by terrorists in the streets.


An army unit dismantled a booby-trapped car parked at the al-Daleh roundabout in the town, the source added.


"Terrorists are still being pursued in the farms surrounding Sadad, " the source said.


The armed terrorist groups tampered with and destroyed Mar Tudors Church along with residnetial homes and property, public facilities and infrastructure in Sadad.


Earlier, an official source said army units destroyed cars loaded with weapons and ammunition on the Hafar-Sadad and Hawarin-Hadath roads as they tried to reach Sadad and Hawarin to help terrorist groups there after they suffered heavy losses at the hands of the army.


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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