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Army Captures Strategic Palmyra Triangle

Syrian army seizes control of the Triangle of Palmyra area, scoring more victories against demoralized ISIS terrorist bands, state news agency reports
Army Captures Strategic Palmyra Triangle

The Syrian army captured the Palmyra Triangle area in Homs province and targeted ISIS positions in Deir-ez-Zor as it continued its advance against the Islamic State group.

Army forces in the eastern countryside of Homs seized control of the Palmyra Triangle area on the western outskirts of Palmyra city after destroying the last gatherings of ISIS terrorists in the area.

SANA’s reporter said that on Wednesday army units and allied forces engaged in fierce clashes with ISIS terrorists in the Palmyra Triangle area, leaving dozens of the terrorists dead or injured. He added that army units were pursuing the remaining terrorists in the area who suffered severe demoralization.

The reporter said that the army was advancing in the direction of Palmyra Citadel, while engineering units were canvassing the Triangle area and dismantling IEDs and landmines left behind by terrorists to impede the army’s progress.

The reporter added that the army also gained full control of the Hayal mountains and the hills overlooking al-Qossour area in Palmyra city.

Meanwhile, in Deir-ez-Zor on Wednesday, Syrian air strikes targeted ISIS gatherings and supply lines in the city.

SANA’s correspondent in Deir-ez-Zor said that the air strikes destroyed ISIS fortifications and gatherings, killing and wounding militants in the Maamel, Muhandesin, and Maqaber areas.

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