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Agreement Signed Between Kurds, Christians, NCC

The agreement was based on five points
Agreement Signed Between Kurds, Christians, NCC

A delegation from the National Coordination Commission  (NCC) has signed a memorandum of understanding with a delegation of Kurdish parties from the Democratic Self-administered areas controlled by PYD. The document focused on the flowing points:


1. The preservation of the unity of Syria as a nation for all Syrians, and the preservation of Syrian state sovereignty over all the Syrian land.


2.The goal of the Syrian uprising is to end the exclusionary policies applied by the tyrannical regime to reach freedom, dignity, justice and democracy. The refusal of any chauvinistic sectarian call from all parties.


3. The best choice to adopt is the political solution which began in Geneva, based on the Geneva statement and guaranteed by regional and international powers.


4. The refusal of any external military interference, and the refusal of any intervention that doesn’t help stop the violence. The non-Syrian armed groups should be excluded and the political solution should be supported.


5. The denial of any solution that contradicts with the unity of the country or reproduces a tyrannical regime.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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