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Will Subsidies Change in The 2024 Budget?

The Accounts and Budget Committee in the People's Assembly is currently deliberating on the Ministry of Electricity's budget and considering potential reductions, Athr Press says.

The Accounts and Budget Committee in the People’s Assembly is currently deliberating on the Ministry of Electricity’s budget and considering potential reductions. The Council has designated specific days for each pair of ministries, facilitating the committee’s review of budget cuts and the ministry’s requirements for the 2024 budget. Mohamed Zuhair Tinawi, a member of the Budget Committee in the People’s Assembly, shared this information with Athr Press. 

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Tinawi explained that cutting off the account involves ensuring that the financial allocation and designated amounts for each ministry are utilized in accordance with laws and regulations. This marks the first instance of such extensive account reductions within this timeframe, with Tinawi suggesting that this approach can contribute to a more rapid identification and resolution of errors.

In addressing the budget and its subsidy component, Tinawi disclosed that the support in the upcoming year’s budget totals 6210 billion Syrian pounds. This support is allocated across various essentials such as rice, sugar, bread, and oil derivatives.

Regarding the potential inclusion of new support segments, Tinawi clarified that this decision rests with the Ministry of Finance and will be deliberated under the Council’s purview rather than in the current committee sessions. The matter is expected to be addressed after the thorough examination of each ministry separately, with the overall budget discussion slated for the People’s Assembly’s main proceedings.


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