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Syrian Foreign Ministry Says Cooperation on U.N. Resolution Based on Respecting Sovereignty

The U.N. resolution on humanitarian aid was passed on Saturday
Syrian Foreign Ministry Says Cooperation on U.N. Resolution Based on Respecting Sovereignty

The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry says it will cooperate with the U.N. in securing and indiscriminately delivering humanitarian aid to all Syrian provinces, in light of a resolution adopted by the U.N, Security Council resolution adopted on Saturday.


In a statement issued on Sunday, the ministry said it is ready to cooperate with the U.N. Resident Coordinator and international organizations operating in the humanitarian field to agree on mechanisms to implement the Security Council resolution no. 2139, on the basis of respecting the principles of the U.N. Charter, the rules of the international law and the main principles regulating humanitarian work.


The ministry highlighted that on top of those principles and rules are respecting the national sovereignty and the role of the state in Syria, as well as the principles of neutrality and integrity and not politicizing the issue of humanitarian aid.


The ministry asserted that the Syrian government has always worked on performing its duties to provide basic requirements to citizens and for that end it has cooperated with the U.N. and other international organizations.


It added that the government’s cooperation with the international organizations has been through a chain of successive plans agreed upon since 2012 to respond to the humanitarian needs of the people affected by the crisis, the latest of which is the response plan of 2014 that was approved last December.


It went on to say that international efforts in the humanitarian field should be aimed at meeting the citizens’ needs and away from double standards and the political agendas which some countries seek to enforce at the expense of the Syrian people's suffering, particularly with regard to the need to lift the one-sided sanctions which harm the living conditions of the Syrian people.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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