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Jordan Downs Two More Drones Carrying Narcotics Coming From Syria

This latest incident marks the 11th such attempt this year, according to Zaman al-Wasl.
Jordan Downs Two More Drones Carrying Narcotics Coming From Syria

On Tuesday, the Jordanian army made an announcement regarding the interception of two drones carrying narcotics, believed to have originated from Syria. This development brings the total number of intercepted drones this year to 11.

In a statement posted on its website, the Jordanian army explained that their border guard forces, in collaboration with the Drug Enforcement Administration and military security agencies, successfully detected and halted an unlawful attempt by two drones to cross the border from Syrian territory into Jordan.

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According to an official military source, the two downed drones were found to be transporting a quantity of crystal narcotics, which have been subsequently handed over to the relevant authorities for further investigation.

This latest incident marks the 11th thwarted attempt this year to infiltrate drones from Syria into Jordan, with their payloads ranging from narcotics to weaponry and explosives.

In early September, Jordan reported the interception of a drone carrying narcotics from Syria, bringing the total count at that time to nine intercepted drones this year.

In recent years, Jordan has faced numerous infiltration and smuggling attempts, particularly from its northern neighbour Syria and eastern neighbour Iraq, owing to the unstable security situations prevailing in these neighbouring regions.


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