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Al Biruni Hospital Faces Heavy Pressure as Cancer Patients Arrive From All Provinces

Hospital operating at over its maximum capacity with some departments receiving 800-900 patients a day, according to administrators
Al Biruni Hospital Faces Heavy Pressure as Cancer Patients Arrive From All Provinces

Speaking exclusively to Al-Watan, Assistant Minister of Higher Education for Health, Dr. Hassan Jabhaji, said that 70 percent of specialized drugs are now available in Al Biruni Hospital and that the Ministry of Higher Education was coordinating with the presidency of the council of ministers and the company Pharmex to secure specialized drugs, in addition to modern technical preparations.

Jabhaji said that there was serious pressure on the hospital and that it was operating at more than its maximum capacity, adding that the number of cases exceeded 160 daily. He said that the hospital administration will set up a new system to treat oncological diseases faster, adding that the Mezzeh department had been equipped with two operations rooms in addition to carrying out operations in the Harasta hospital.

The assistant manager for the Al Biruni Hospital, Dr. Mohamed al-Qaadri, indicated that the heavy pressure which the hospital has witnessed is a result of the transfer of patients from all the country’s provinces coupled with limited available space. The Mezzeh department is receiving 800-900 patients a day, offering them full services including X-rays and analyses, treatment, and CT scans.

In his unannounced visit to the Al Biruni University Hospital — Mezzeh department, Higher Education Minister Dr. Mohammed Amer al-Madini, accompanied by Dr. Jabhaji, inspected the standard of services to oncological patients at the facility.

During his visit, the minister viewed the performance of the staff of doctors and nurses in the hospital, and the administering of medicine and delivering treatment to the patients. He also inspected the medicine and pharmaceutical storehouses and the extent of the distribution of medicines and their expiration periods.

The minister confirmed full interest and care was given to all patients, with priority for patients coming from the provinces, and work was being done to provide free and optimal services for medicine and appropriate treatment for the patients, adding that the difficulty of obtaining some specialized medicines resulted from the sanctions currently imposed on Syria.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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