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2015 Budget to Focus on Development in Safe Zones

Halki outlines budget aims at the Higher Council of Economic and Social Planning
2015 Budget to Focus on Development in Safe Zones

Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halki said the adoption of the general state budget for 2015 under the current circumstances is another sign of the strength of the Syrian state and its ability to face all challenges.


It also shows the "unbeatable will" of Syrian people "who face the war through confirming the unity between the people, the army and the political leadership," he said.


Halki was speaking at the meeting of the Higher Council of Economic and Social Planning dedicated to discussing the general 2015 budget, in addition to financial incomes and the investment possibilities.


Halki discuseed the goals and foundations of the budget, which focused on comprehensive development of the country, especially in the safe regions, and on providing the basic needs to all citizens in terms of food, medicine and oil, through developing the service and administration sectors.


Halki added that the general budget of 2015 allocates 164 billion Syrian Pounds more than the budget for 2014 and said the government will continue its support of the social sector through providing new work opportunities in production and development sectors as well as through supporting the public sector, especially industry.


This will be achieved through the rehabilitation of the factories damaged or closed because of the war, and through supporting the strategic industries including textiles, cement, cables, and technical, electronic and steel industries.


The budget will also support the agricultural sector to achieve a balanced rural development by establishing food industries in these regions and opening new export outlets for agricultural products.


Halki stressed once again on the determination of the government in developing the administrational function of the state, in addition to fighting corruption and achieving the electronic government project.


The council announced the preliminary goals of the budgets for the ministries of Electricity, Education, Agriculture, Economy and External Trade, Industry, Communications and Transport, Water Resources, Environment, Internal Trade and Consumers Protection, Health, Defense, Public Labor and Oil. The ministers provided their views about the budgets of their ministries, focusing on improving the performance of the governmental institutions and on establishing economically useful projects, especially those related to generating electricity through establishing new power and renewable energy plants. The discussion focused also on the expansion of telecommunications and water sectors by providing new investments in these fields.


Halki also stressed the importance of completing economically useful projects.


"Despite the challenges we face, we have to work with the spirit of one team all around the clock to be able to achieve the planned programs and projects for each ministry," he said.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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