A statement from the Syrian National Coordination Commission regarding the Doha conference

The The NCC Executive Bureauhas decided that the NCC party members and individuals will not participate in the opposition conference in Doha.


Some party members of the National Coordination Commission (NCC) received an invitation to attend a broad conference for the Syrian opposition in Doha on November 8, 2012. The NCC Executive Bureau reiterates that:


This invitation lacks good preparation and prior participation (from NCC and other parties) in the preparations. Moreover, there are indications that this invitation does not express the independent will of the Syrians. For that reason, we believe that this conferece will not be a step to unite the Syrian opposition but rather another reason for further division. The The NCC Executive Bureau reiterates it has decided that the NCC party members and individuals will not participate in this conference.


We, in the NCC and other opposition forces inside Syria, which have repeatedly proved its desire to build up a united opposition body in order to struggle to achieve our people’s goals in the democratic change, see that it is imperative to form a preparation committee with equal representation from all the major opposition groups to prepare political and logistically for (such a conference) based on the principles that were agreed upon in the Cairo opposition Conference. All opposition groups as well as representatives from activists and the democratic armed opposition have to be invited. The conference needs to be held in Cairo with the participation of Lakhdar Librahimi….


Damascus, November 3, 2012 




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