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Two Ways Syrian Government Can Improve Living Conditions in Syria

A Syrian economist has called on the government to implement urgent measures to help Syrian citizens struggling to cope with the current economic conditions writes Al-Watan.
Two Ways Syrian Government Can Improve Living Conditions in Syria

Finance and taxation expert Dr. Muhammad Khair al-Akkam, told Al-Watan that improving the living conditions of citizens has become an urgent necessity, and the government has only two solutions that must be implemented concurrently.

The first of the two solutions is a large and rapid increase in salaries and wages to match the increase in prices. The second solution is government action to secure food items and basic goods in the markets at a price citizens can afford.

He added, “Securing the basic needs of the Syrian family is the government’s duty. Moreover, a study must be conducted to discover the average family income, based on the current circumstances. Their needs must be gauged and the prices of basic commodities adjusted.”

Akkam stressed the need to take advantage of the private sector, activate government institutions to work at maximum capacity, and restructure the work of the government in a manner that is in harmony with the general situation.

He pointed out that the citizens should feel that their government is by their side and does not leave them to fend for themselves; adding that it is not permissible for the price of a basic item to rise, for example, from 300 Syrian pounds to 1,500 Syrian pounds without any control. He stressed the need for the state of the markets, the living situation, and the entire strategy to be assessed.


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