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The Syrian TV shows confessions of a 14 year old “terrorist”

The Syrian TV continues portraying children as "terrorists"
The Syrian TV shows confessions of a 14 year old “terrorist”

SANA- The 14-year old terrorist Omran Adnan Qaddour narrated the details of his participation with armed groups including acts of killing, looting, and kidnapping, in addition to planting explosives and smuggling weapons.


In a confession broadcast by Syrian TV on Wednesday, terrorist Qaddour said that he was recruited by the armed terrorist groups andthat he joined the gunmen for money.


“The armed group trained me on using arms,” he said, adding that he and his brothers, who had joined the terrorist groups earlier, also kidnapped a man in al-Qussour neighborhood in Hama and tortured him severely before releasing him for a million Syrian Pounds. Qaddour also confessed that he participated in the kidnapping of three soldiers in the same area.


Qaddour also said that he and his brother Hussam planted two explosive devices on the Hama-Salamieh highway and detonated them as military vehicles passed.He added that they planted a third explosive device near al-Sinaa roundabout to target another military vehicle.


The terrorist confessed that he smuggled weapons by motorcycle from al-Jaijieh neighborhood in Hama to the groves area. Qaddour also attacked a military checkpoint, opening fire against the personnel and injuring them. He also confessed to robbing three houses in al-Qussour neighborhood and the grove area.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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