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Syrian Army is Writing an Epic of Glory: Assad

President lauds the sacrifices and courage of the Syrian army on the 72nd anniversary of its founding in 1945, state media reports
Syrian Army is Writing an Epic of Glory: Assad

Syria is facing a terrorist enemy the likes of which has never been seen throughout history, President Bashar al-Assad told the “Jaish al-Shaab” (People’s Army) magazine.

In a speech celebrating the 72nd anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army, Assad said that Syria has been able to make successive achievements thanks to the heroic actions of the army, the unity of the dignified Syrian people, and the sacrifices of the martyrs.

Following is the full speech of President Assad:

You men of honor and heroism, I salute you with pride and appreciation on the 72nd anniversary of the foundation of the Syrian Arab Army, the school of dignity and heroism and of blessed men. I encourage you to continue along the path followed by the courageous men of this distinguished army who, for many long years, have set an example to follow in making sacrifices to preserve the dignity, freedom, and independence of the homeland.

Personnel of our brave army, we are still facing a Takfiri (hardline Sunni) terrorist enemy the likes of which have never been seen throughout history in terms of treachery, malevolence, and hatred, an enemy backed by several regional and international parties which have been seeking for years to impose their dominance over the whole area through the gate of Syria which is the heart of the area and its main axis.

However, we have been able to remain steadfast and we have made a lot of the successive achievements thanks to your heroic actions and sacrifices, to the solidarity of our dignified people who stand side by side with their courageous army in the same trench of defending the homeland, and to the martyrs who purified with their blood the Syrian lands from abomination of the aggressors.

Defenders of the homeland and makers of victory makers, today you are writing an epic of glory and you are drawing with your steadfastness and determination the features of the near victory. You are consolidating security and stability across our beloved homeland, so that it may return as we have always known it; safe and sound.

So, always maintain your oath, you protectors of the land and its honor. Be the guardians of the sun which will never set on the homeland of civilization and alphabet. Be confident that you will be victorious, because you are the sons of this generous land which is accustomed to giving birth to honorable men like you.

A salute to you honorable men on your day, and a salute to your gracious families which have been as patient as you have been, and they have been a role model in nationalism and patriotism.

A salute to the valiant wounded personnel who have taught the world how to give for the sake of the homeland, may the souls of our martyrs be at peace, and may their memories live on forever.

Happy Army Day.

This article was edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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