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Signs of Political Breakthrough: PM

Halqi said the international community is averse to a military solution
Signs of Political Breakthrough: PM

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi said on Monday the government is working to enhance partnership between the legislative and executive authorities in order to better services offered to Syrian citizens.


During a meeting with MPs representing the Hasakeh governorate, the premier said the government is focusing its work on improving living conditions for citizens and achieving food and health security.


The Prime Minister said the government seeks to address tough economic conditions as a result of lack of resources and what he termed as "systematic vandalism" against the Syrian capabilities.


He said the government is also striving to stabilise the exchange rate of the Syrian Pound against foreign currencies.


Halqi said there are emerging signs of a political breakthrough for resolving the crisis in Syria, pointing to an international will that is averse to a military solution and gives precedence to a political solution as the sole exit route.


He said Syria has recently managed to make its voice heard in international media outlets, which have positively reflected on Westerners' understanding of events unfolding in the country, alsoincreasing the chances for a political solution that Syria has called for all along.


Halqi heard MPs on services, development and agricultural sectors.


The premier also said that the government will take a firm line against corruption, negligence, monopoly and illegal profiteering in this time.


The gathered MPs expressed appreciation for the government's efforts to meet the demands of citizens despite unfair sanctions and stressed their hopes for national unity, restoration of security and stability, and a rejection of extremism, violence and terrorism.


They also hailed the Syrian Arab Army which is making massive sacrifices during a vicious conspiracy.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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