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People’s Assembly Discusses 2015 State Budget

Assembly considers unproductive spending and increasing productivity
People’s Assembly Discusses 2015 State Budget

The People’s Assembly on Monday resumed discussions on the bill for the 2015 state general budget which is set at 1,554 billion Syrian Pounds, at an increase of 164 billion SP on the 2014 budget.


Assembly members stressed the need to protect the state property from infringements, supporting the Administrative Development Ministry, issuing a new law for repossession, expanding the authority granted to the boards of directors at establishments and companies, improving the performance of the Central Census Bureau, increasing the funds allocated to the blood bank, dealing with the issue of illegal housing, rehabilitating the infrastructure in terrorism-affected areas, and returning displaced people to their homes.


The members said that the increased deficit in the 2015 budget is a negative indicator that requires consideration about unproductive spending and increasing productivity, calling to find the actual reasons behind the losses in several public sector companies.


They also stressed the need to revitalize the youth employment program, rationalize spending, supporting farmers, and increasing supervision of currency exchange companies.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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