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Nusra Front Announces its Laws in Edlib

Nusra Front Announces its Laws in Edlib

The Nusra Front issued a number of laws, including economic and social with regard to the lives of civilians in the areas it controls in Edlib, northern Syria.


The Front has specified that a bag of bread will cost 60 Syrian Pounds for bakeries and traders, and threatened anyone who violates the set sale price. The Front also prohibited any military faction or civilian from approaching the service departments, under the threat of penalty or punishment.


Social laws related to the details of people's lives include the prohibition of loud voices, music and songs, in addition to prohibiting young people from driving motorcycles too fast or "on one wheel". Young men are prohibited from gathering in places allocated for women, according to a statement.


In addition, the Front notified the residents of the city of Salqin in Edlib countryside about security developments, after recent clashes between the armed factions and due to the exploitation of some infiltrators who wear the Front member's clothing to implement their personal goals and create problems among civilians.


Accordingly, the Front asked people to check for the official seal in such cases and contact the police station whenever any problem or emergency case occurs, or to communicate with the nearest Front checkpoint. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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