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Leaked Document Shows Military Defections Within Assad Family

Hundreds of soldiers and officers from prominent Alawite families, including the Assads, have reportedly defected, according to government documents
Leaked Document Shows Military Defections Within Assad Family

A leaked document obtained from Syrian government archives shows the Assad regime reported 686 defected soldiers and officers in 2015, many of them high-ranking, with 53 percent holding sergeant or first sergeant ranks, along with dozens of commanders.

Surprisingly, many defectors were from well-known Alawite families, with a number hailing from the Assad, the Makhlouf (President Bashar al-Assad’s mother’s family) and the Shalish families. Other well known Alawite families like the Ismael, Deeb, Jdid, Saqer, Haifa, Dweri, Bilal, Rawaa, and others also saw a large number of high-ranking defections.

The ranks of defected officers varies, with 225 ground forces commanders, seven landing commanders, 24 scout commanders, 23 tanks' commanders, and 15 commanders of the cannon group.

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