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Autonomous Administration Doubles Salaries of Employees

This is the second time the administration has raised the salaries of its employees in 2023, Enab Baladi reminds.
Autonomous Administration Doubles Salaries of Employees

The Autonomous Administration in northeastern Syria, the governing body overseeing the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), has announced a significant increase in employee salaries by 100%.

In Circular No. 27, issued on Sunday, August 27, substantial modifications have been made to the wage structure. This includes adjustments for university staff, students residing in “disaster areas,” families of deceased individuals, and security personnel.

Furthermore, the circular encompasses all individuals benefiting from the array of salaries and wages outlined in the 2023 general budget. This change is effective from August 1, with a mandatory compliance deadline of no later than September 4.

The amendment extends to contractual agreements involving specialized services between public entities within the Autonomous Administration and its contracted parties paid in Syrian pounds.

The salary increments are noteworthy. The minimum monthly wage for employees has risen from 520,000 SYP to 1,040,000 SYP.

Within the university setting, the minimum wage now stands at 3,090,000 SYP, previously recorded at 1,545,000 SYP.

Allocations for “students from affected areas” have notably increased from 250,000 to 500,000 SYP, while support for the “families of martyrs” has seen a rise from 225,000 to 450,000 SYP, establishing a new minimum threshold.

Regarding the security forces under the jurisdiction of the Autonomous Administration, their minimum salaries have escalated from 620,000 SYP to 1,240,000 SYP.

Second time in 2023 

This is the second time the administration has raised the salaries of its employees in 2023. 


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