U.S. State Department Delegation Meets Syrian Interim Government: What was Discussed?

The Syrian Interim Government engaged in discussions with a diplomatic delegation from the U.S. State Department.

The Syrian Interim Government engaged in discussions with a diplomatic delegation from the U.S. State Department, addressing various aspects concerning Syria, spanning humanitarian, economic, and political concerns.

This dialogue unfolded during a meeting between Prime Minister Abdul Rahman Mustafa of the Interim Government and Nicholas Granger, the Regional Director overseeing the Syrian issue at the U.S. State Department. The meeting took place at the government representation office in the Turkish city of Gaziantep.

What did the two sides discuss? 

The head of the interim government conveyed in a tweet on the X platform that the dialogue centred on fostering joint relations and cooperation between the government and the United States of America across all spheres. Mustafa emphasized, “We discussed the aftermath of the sixth of February earthquake, which caused extensive damage to infrastructure and housing, resulting in numerous casualties, injuries, and disabilities, as well as the displacement of thousands who are now residing in camps lacking many essential necessities of life. We also addressed its profound impact on vulnerable segments of society, including women and children.”

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The discussions encompassed the early recovery program, emphasizing the imperative for all liberated areas to partake in its benefits and the urgency to commence reconstruction efforts to address the devastation inflicted on homes and vital infrastructure by the earthquake.

Mustafa further elaborated, “The delegation provided insights into the progress made in enhancing governance processes and bolstering the economy in liberated regions through the implementation of economic strategies tailored to regional conditions.”

Additionally, the two parties deliberated on the inaugural investment conference held in the city of al-Rai weeks prior, along with “the measures and actions undertaken by the national army to uphold international humanitarian law and human rights principles, including measures to prevent the recruitment and utilization of children.”


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