Explosive Device Kills Assad’s Forces in Daraa

Such attacks on regime security patrols are recurrent, often occurring in response to alleged violations, Shaam Network.

The Ahrar Horan Gathering reported that an explosive device, planted by unknown individuals, targeted a vehicle housing members of the regime forces on the road between the city of al-Hara and the town of Zimreen in the northern countryside of Daraa governorate. The attack resulted in the death of five regime forces, including Suleiman al-Baridi from the village of Jabab.

The deceased were identified as follows: Suleiman Baridi from the town of Jabab in rural Daraa, Youssef al-Sukuti from the village of al-Raymiyah in Lattakia governorate, Hamza Abbas from Hama governorate, and Ziad Qatash from Homs governorate. They were members of the signal company of the Ninth Division based in the city of al-Sanamayn, north of Daraa.

Daraa: Officer Killed & Four Pro-Assad Fighters Wounded in Attack

The statement highlighted that such attacks on regime security patrols are recurrent, often occurring in response to alleged violations committed by the regime forces against the local population. These violations include arbitrary arrests, kidnappings, and targeted assassinations.

It further emphasized the daily targeting of members of Assad’s militias in the Daraa governorate, resulting in casualties among their ranks. The inability of the militias to protect their members is underscored, reflecting the widespread opposition to their presence in the governorate.

These acts of violence are seen as reactions by Daraa residents to the oppressive actions of regime groups, such as the arbitrary detention of young men and the establishment of security checkpoints aimed at extorting civilians in the region.


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