Restoration of Relations with Assad is Betrayal to Palestinian Cause and Principles

The SOC secretary-general stressed that the Palestinian cause is the cause of the Arab nation, according to the SOC Media Department.

Secretary-General of the Syrian Opposition Coalition’s (SOC), Haytham Rahmeh, denounced the grave moral mistake that Hamas made by arranging a meeting of a Hamas leader with the head of the criminal, terrorist Assad regime in Syria, Bashar al-Assad, after a more than a decade of severance of relations.
Rahmeh said: “The move represents a betrayal to the Arab and Islamic nations, a departure from human principles, and utter disregard for the blood of the Syrian and Palestinian peoples shed by the war criminal Bashar al-Assad.”
“Just as the murderous Assad regime does not represent the Syrian people, Hamas does not represent the position of the brotherly Palestinian people who always demonstrated solidarity with the Syrian people’s quest for freedom. This shameful stance will not affect the deep, friendly relationship between the Syrian and Palestinian peoples,” Rahmeh added.

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He stressed that this move came at Iranian orders and does not represent the position of the Palestinian people. He added: “This normalization of relations cannot be justified whatsoever as it undermines the principles that should not be touched. Hamas has become a puppet in the hands of the Iranian mullahs’ regime.”
Rahmeh pointed out that the meeting with the criminal Bashar al-Assad would only cause total disgrace to Hamas for standing on the side of those who killed, displaced, and arrested more than half of the Syrian people and killed and arrested thousands of Palestinians in Syria, according to the documentation of human rights groups.
Rahmeh made it clear that what is right is indivisible, and it is impossible to normalize relations with a murdered war criminal under the false pretext of serving one’s interests.
Rahmeh stressed that the Palestinian cause is the cause of the Arab and Islamic nations and that this betrayal by Hamas contradicts the struggle of the Palestinian people against the Israeli occupation.


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