SNA Leader In Syria’s Aleppo Deserts Following Offensive

Defection has recently become a common phenomenon among the SNA factions, according to North Press.

A leader of the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad faction announced on Monday his defection from the military formations of the Syrian National Army (SNA) after being subject to an offensive at the hands of the Levant Front (al-Jabha al-Shamiyya) faction.
On his Facebook account, Mustafa al-Issa, a major serving in the Sultan Murad faction, wrote that he defected from the military formation that oppresses the weak.”
Issa added that he would not be subject to any law in northern Syria before members of the offending faction are held accountable.

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Issa lashed out at the Minister of Defense of the Interim Government, the Military Police directorate, and leaders of SNA factions who “pledged to hold the offenders accountable.”
He said, he would retaliate for the offense he received due to “the impotence of those promised to hold offenders accountable.”
On August 7th, Issa, along with a member, was subject to beating and cursing by the Levant Front, which tried to arrest them. He was hospitalized.
Defection has recently become a common phenomenon among the SNA factions.
The SNA-held areas in northern Syria witness a state of security chaos, represented in almost daily human rights violations and continuous infighting between the SNA factions due to disputes over the sphere of influence.


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