HRW to Visit Denmark, Discuss Deportation of Syrian Refugees

Next week, a delegation from the HRW plans to visit Denmark to discuss the recent increase in deportation of Syrian refugees, al-Souria Net writes.

Next week, a delegation from Human Rights Watch (HRW) plans to visit Denmark to discuss the recent increase in deportation of Syrian refugees.

Jan Kooy, deputy director of European media at HRW, posted on his Twitter account that UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) officials plan to visit Denmark in the next few days to meet with Danish government officials. Immigration Minister Mattias Tesfaye will lead the Danish delegation.

The HRW official called on the Danish government to stop plans to return refugees residing in Denmark to Syria and to reverse its policy of violating refugee rights. Kooy asked: “When will the Danish government finally see the light of day?”

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In Denmark, the issue of repatriating Syrian refugees has recently worsened. The Danish government has disregarded appeals grounded in human rights and warnings against forcing Syrian refugees to return to Syria.

Denmark considers that some areas of Syria, particularly the capital Damascus, have become “safe”; at the same time, the United Nations continues to classify most parts of Syria as “unsafe.”

The issue has spurred human rights organizations to conduct human rights interventions, trying to prove that Syrian refugees facing deportation are vulnerable to human rights violations by the al-Assad regime.

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