Idleb: The Regime and Russia Take Control of 15 Villages Near Saraqeb

The regime, backed by Iran and Russia have continued to advance, capturing more than 15 villages in the eastern Idleb countryside reports Baladi News.

Regime forces and the militias backing them with Russian air support took control over more than 15 villages in the eastern Idleb countryside after midnight on Tuesday-Wednesday night, and are now a short distance from the Turkish observation point in Tel Touqan after heavy fighting with rebel groups.

A military source from the National Front for Liberation told Baladi News, “Assad’s forces, backed by Russian special forces, carried out a major and intensified military attack on the Louf and Tel Mardeekh and Tel al-Ruman areas, and managed to take control over the area after clashes with opposition groups.”

The source added that the fighting killed 13 regime and allied militia fighters and wounded 20 others, and said that the enemy’s forces had after that stepped up their military actions and intensified the artillery and air preparatory fire in the eastern Saraqeb countryside on the Abu al-Dahour front.

The source said that regime forces had managed after that to take control over the villages of Tel al-Aghar, Taweel al-Haleeb, Barisa, al-Hamamat, Tel al-Sultan, Umm Sharshouh, Amnatar al-Khashkheesh, Tellet Ibrahim, Alalat al-Wasita, Jabel al-Taweel, al-Katiba al-Majhoura, al-Mashrifa, Mardeekh, Tel al-Ruman, Sheikh Idriss, Riyan, Bejghas, and Kafr Ameem, and were now very close to the Turkish observation point in the Tel Touqan village in the eastern Idleb countryside.

Moving to the al-Nayrab front, the source added that opposition forces had carried out a lightning raid on the enemy’s forces in Nayrab, during which they managed to destroy a tank and kill a group of enemy forces and return to their positions safely, according to the source.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.


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