Thirteen People Martyred, 29 Injured in Bab Touma Terrorist Blast

Thirteen people were reportedly killed and 29 others were injured when an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group under a car went off on Sunday in the Christian neighborhood of Bab Touma in Damascus.

Thirteen people were martyred and 29 others were injured when an explosive device planted by an armed terrorist group under a car went off on Sunday in Bab Touma Square in Damascus.


A source at the Interior Ministry told SANA that the blast resulted in great material damages to the residents' houses and nearby cars.


The terrorist bombing that ripped through Bab Touma Square in Damascus, claiming the lives of 13 people and injuring 29, incurred the rage and condemnation of the locals and owners of shops overlooking the historical square that is thronged with people around the clock.

Father Gabriel Dawood, from the Syriac Orthodox patriarchate, said ''The terrorists behind this coward act have targeted safe citizens inside and outside their homes…In this place there were children on their way to their schools and people going about their business, Where is justice and amity? People behind this don't have a shred of humanity.''


Maher Khouli, a local, said that the terrorist bombing happened as worshippers were leaving Churches, describing it as ''awful'', but one that won't diminish the will of the Syrians.


Raef Fallouh, another resident, said that minutes before the exposition, he was paying the electricity bill nearby, then he heard a sound of big explosion.

''These are the terrorists' gifts to the Syrian people for Eid al-Adha, but we are determined to remain unbowed, and we will always be one hand in defense of our country against terrorism, '' he said.

''It was a horrible scene…Bodies of martyrs scattered everywhere…One of the martyrs was a dustman…I saw him just before the explosion.''

George Hnein, a waiter in a nearby restaurant said ''I heared a loud explosion and rushed to see what's up…I saw women, children and men drowned in their blood. Is this the kind of freedom the Gulf sheikhdoms want?'' he asked, pointing to his blood-stained shirt.

Safwan al-Taweel, a shop keeper, expressed shock at the sight of Syrian blood being shed in Bab Touma square.


''Just yesterday, they torched historical souks in Aleppo, attacked Krak des Chevaliers Citadel in Homs and the Great Umayyad Mosque in Aleppo, today, they've targeted one of the most renowned historical squares in Syria, but their terrorist acts will make us even stronger,'' Safwan said.

Syrian Network for Monitoring Human Rights condemns the Heinous Act

The Syrian Network for Monitoring Human Rights condemned the terrorist explosion which claimed the lives of 13 citizens and injured 29 others in Bab Toma neighborhood in Damascus, stressing that it was a low way adopted by the armed terrorist groups.

In a statement today, the Network considered that the crimes carried out by the armed groups through planting explosives on the public roads, streets and among the houses which cause causalities among the civilians are flagrant violations of the human rights' principles and international justice.



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