Mouaz al-Khatib: The battle in Syria is a war to settle regional and international accounts

Khatib says material and oil are stolen, and regional countries interfere in forminig the government


 President of the Syrian National Coalition Mouaz al-Khatib said that forming an interim government is an important issue for the Syrian people and described the situation in Syria as “horrible.”


Al-Khatib said, on his personal page on Facebook, that the Syrian National Coalition was meant [by certain powers] to be a political umbrella that should not exceed a certain level.


To achieve this he added, a financial blockade has been imposed on it.


“I feel embarrassed to mention certain example of the financial situation),” he said in one of his most defying statement on his personal account..


“I do not reveal a secret if I say that much of the relief materials were looted or robbed by gangs that benefit of the security chaos,” he said.


Even worse, “many oil fields are now under the control of the armed groups. Some steal the oil; others dump it in the rivers, which creates a horrible environmental problem,” al-Khatib added.


Therefore, Khatib said having an interim government is imperative. “We visited many countries and told them we want your support. (We need) no less than $3 billion , in clear, written guarantees. A government with no money is useless, and will become a loser government, and people do not want that.”


Al-Khatib also highlighted that some governments interfered in the way the government might be formed.


“We do not want sisterly or friend governments to interfere in forming the government,’ he said.


“The battle in Syria now is not between a brutal regime and an oppressed people: it is a war to settle regional and international accounts,” al-Khatib added.




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