Assad Cousin Kills Two Soldiers

Bashar Telal al-Assad killed two soldiers taking part in the funeral of one of the regime army’s soldiers last Friday in the Qurdaha region of Latakia

Bashar Telal al-Assad killed two soldiers participating in the funeral of one of the regime army’s soldiers last Friday in the Bsin village, in the Qurdaha region of Latakia.


Sources said that the victims, Ahmad Wajih Deeb and Iz al-Din Wajih Deeb were brothers belong to one of the working military units deployed in the capital Damascus.


The brothers were reportedly in the village to escort the body of their cousin killed during a confrontation between Assad’s army and Free Syrian Army rebels in the Harasta region outside Damascus.


The two soldiers, as detailed in a report of the crime, were attending the al-Sindyana Restaurant in nearby Bikrama village for lunch with their families following the funeral, before planning to return to Damascus to join their military units.


Shortly after their arrival to the restaurant, Bashar Telal Assad, a cousin of the president Bashar Assad, arrived with a gang of armed mercenaries from the al-Quaizi family, and asked the grieving family to leave the restaurant because they want to have lunch.


However the victims’ relatives rejected the order, and Telal and his bodyguards shot the two soldiers, killing them immediately.


The news spread across the region, prompting overwhelming anger from the victims’ relatives who refused to receive and bury the two mens corpses, demanding Bashar Assad come personally and arrest Bashar Telal al-Assad, refer him to the judiciary and sentence him to death.


The source said contacts between the presidential palace, the security services and the representatives of leaders and dignitaries in the region forced the family to receive and bury their deceased sons last Sunday, while Bashar Telal al-Assad and his mercenaries continue to repress and intimidate those in the Latakia and Tartous governorates.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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