Citizens Celebrate Return of Security in Qusayr

Homs Governor says reconstruction efforts already underway


Residents of Qusayr and neighboring villages, along with students from the al-Baath University, flocked to the city's main square Sunday to celebrate the return of security and stability after the Syrian army eliminated armed terrorist groups from the area.


In joyful scenes, the participants expressed their trust in the Syrian Arab Army to confront terrorism and protect the homeland, to foil conspiracies that aim to weaken Syria's regional role.


Governor of Homs, Ahmad Mounir Mohamad said that the victory in Qusayr would be bolstered by reconstruction of areas destroyed by terrorists and the resumption of public services.


He said that repair workshops had already commenced work in Buwayda and al-Sharqieh villages in the northern countryside.


Al-Baath Arab Socialist Party Regional Secretary in Lebanon, Faiz Shukr congratulated the Syrian people for the victory in Qusayr and confirmed that the triumph had dealt a severe blow to the Zionist project in the region.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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