Rebels Need Arms to Keep Latakia Front Open: Opposition

Syrian regime forces are advancing on two rebel-held villages, a prominent activist has reported after visiting the area

Rebels in the mountains of Latakia mountains must be provided with arms and fighters if another Qusayr is to be avoided, a prominent opposition activist told Zaman al- Wasl.

Syrian regime forces are advancing on two rebel-held villages, Motaz Shaklab said after visiting Latakia province.


Free Syrian Army fighters are lacking any support, he said, and regime warplanes have struck rebels strongholds with explosive barrel bombs, even where there are no anti-aircrafts missiles, Shaklab said.


Mustafa al-Sakhta, the representative of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in the main opposition Syrian National Coalition, meanwhile warned against ignoring the rebel's calls for arms and ammunition to keep the Latakia front open.


"We were born in this coastal land and we know more than you, that we need to arm the rebels," he said.


Sakhta said he is helping the rebels in the area but needs more support.


Most of the arms at the Latakia frontline were distributed by the FSA Command, he added.


Sakhta said Assad warplanes had launched some 17 air raids daily.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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