Halqi Calls for Coordination to Protect Property

Halqi said the Baath Party's role should be bolstered to defend the country and rally resources

Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi has stressed the need for coordination and cooperation between Baath Party branches, executive authorities as well as civil and vocational organizations to develop infrastructure, provide for citizens and protect property from terrorists.


Meeting with members of the Quneitra branch of the Baath Arab Socialist Party on Wednesday, Halqi said the Party's role should be bolstered through communication with all elements of Syrian society in order to defend the country and rally resources.


He said current exceptional circumstances require the exertion of more efforts to build national unity and defend Syria's sovereignty.


He underlined the history of the Baath Party in combating colonialism and strengthening Arab solidarity, to confront challenges to the Arab nation and contribute to a democratic, pluralistic and self-sufficient Syria.


Members of the branch reviewed various economic, social and health services in Quneitra and discussed means to develop agriculture and other sectors.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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