Two Goats, Some Fish Compensate Army Deaths

Ahmed Qadri visited Sweida to issue the goats to martyr's families'

Members of the National Leadership of Baath party and the Minister of Agriculture of the Assad regime, Ahmed Qadri has visited the families of the victims of the regime's army in Sweida, to provide compensation to the families of the victims of the army killed in clashes with the armed opposition outside the borders of the province.


The aid consisted of two  goats to each of the families of the victims, surprising all who heard the news.


In a comment posted on a Facebook page: The Chinese Revolution Against the Tyrant of China, a user wrote: “Mufti Hassoun:Two goats for the families who have lost their male breadwinners, and one for the families who have lost their female breadwinners, in application of Islamic law!”


Another source mentioned that the regime distributes fish in the Syrian coastal areas to the affected families who have lost sons in the crisis.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Army



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