PYD Arrests Arab Activists in Ras al-Ain

All those arrested were working with a charity, the Association of White Hands

Arab activists confirmed that many arrests have been carried out by the military forces of the Democratic Union Party PYD, after it took control of the city of Ras al-Ain at the beginning of November.


According to the activists, the number exceeded 60 people, some of whom had a relationship with the Free Syrian Army battalions, while others are accused of resisting the PYD during the overtake of the city and its villages.


The list of arrested includes:


– Khalaf al-Sayer, an Arabic language teacher and director of the Cultural Center, also a Baathist


– Majed Al-Sayer, a lawyer


–  Mohammad Shoukri, a teacher


– Abdullah al-Qrit, a doctor


– Abdul Aziz Mohammad al-Ogla, a pharmacist


All those listed were working with a charity, the Association of White Hands, which distributes relief to the needy civilians in city and internally displaced who had arrived there from other provinces.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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