Assad Makes Appearance to Mark Prophet’s Birthday

Assad participated in prayer at al-Hamad mosque in Damascus

President Bashar Assad on Sunday made a rare appearance, performing al-Isha prayer at al-Hamad mosque in Damascus.


His Excellency participated in the religious celebration held to mark the birthday of Prophet Mohammad, Peace Be Upon Him (PBUH).
Some verses of the Holy Quran were recited at the beginning of the celebration.


Abdulsattar al-Sayyed, the endowments minister, also delivered a speech in which he discussed the sublime meanings of the occasion.


"The Prophet’s biography is full of mercy, tolerance, human fraternity and the call of God through good discourse,” the minister said.


Sayyed said that those who force people to leave their homes, killing and destroying the infrastructure in the name of religion have reaped their own rewards, as they are now fighting each other.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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