Abdulazim: NCC to Join Geneva Negotiations

NCC chief will discuss participation if it receives an invitation to the second round of talks


The National Coordination Commission for Democratic Change in Syria (NCC) may participate in the second round of peace talks in Geneva, the General Coordinator Hassan Abdulazim said Monday.


The second installment of the Geneva II negotiations is scheduled to begin on 10 February.


Abdulazim said that the Executive Office of the NCC will discuss participation if it receives an invitation from the international envoy Lakhdar Brahimi.


Abdulazim said that there is a possibility of joining negotiations, especially after calls were made to expand opposition's delegation.


“The first round achieved nothing, neither at the political level nor on humanitarian issues, such as a ceasefire agreement, the delivery of food and medicines to the besieged areas and evacuating women and children from those areas", Abdulazim said.


Abdulazim described the negotiations as "similar to a cockfight, with both parties raising the tone of speech…but it had nothing to do with negotiation process."


"The international, regional and Arab groups were fully represented in the conference, but the representation of Syrians, either from the regime or the opposition, was incomplete and almost absent. Even the Syrian National Coalition was not represented by the majority of its members,” he added.


“This arrogance and lack of trust between the two parties means in reality the Geneva  conference has achieved nothing.”


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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