Sweida Rejects Extremism

Nasrallah is trying to convey the message that the Assad regime protects minorities

In his latest speech, Secretary General of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah made a particular mention of Sweida and its opposition. It was not the first time he used the example to make his argument for intervention in Syria more convincing. 


The 90 minute speech was enough to send the messages Nasrallah wanted to convey and encourage his fighters who have joined the troops of Syrian regime to suppress Syrian people.


Nasrallah has justified the interference of his party in the Syrian war using two excuses; the protection of Shiite shrines, and fighting extremism.


When he talked about the danger posed to minorities, exactly at the fifty-sixth minute of his speech, Nasralla addressed the Druze in Lebanon and Syria, telling them the opposition in Sweida couldn’t protect the governorate from extremists.


One member of the Syrian National Coalition, Rima Flehan, from Sweida said she considered Nasrallah's speech a "continuation of a policy based on using extremism to push the minorities to support the regime in his fight against Syrians,"  Flehan said in an interview with al-Mustaqbal newspaper.


"But this game is not going to succeed because Syrian people are fighting extremists who are simply the product of the regime's policy. They will disappear as soon as the regime falls", Flehan said in an interview with al-Mustaqbal newspaper.


Flehan confirmed that "the Druze of Sweida refused to participate in regime's sectarian recruitment, and this should be taken into consideration. Whether they supported the regime or opposed it., Sweida was and is still part of the Syrian national tissue, and this tissue will protect Sweida and other Syrian regions."


On the other hand, a member of National Coordination Commission, Saleh Nabawani, told al-Mustaqbal that "the Syrian regime has always tried to convince the minorities that he protects them. This was a strategy, keeping them in a state of fear to gain their support to continue his tyrannical domination."


"Hasan Nasrallah expressed his concern about extremists breaking through the Lebanese border. This might be his right and this is his country, but he shouldn’t have classified himself as a guardian of the minorities. This is unacceptable because it harms the sovereignty of each country and it has a sectarian background," Nabawani added.


Dr. Khaldoun Nabawani, meanwhile, said that "the speech of Nasrallah tried to hide the fact that the military policy of Assad and the interference of Hezbollah in the battle were the main reasons why extremism emerged in Syria. The same reasons will increase the sectarian hatred in Syria and Lebanon. They are trying to use the Druze as a card in their political gambling table.Nasrallah doesn’t care about anything, other than protecting the Iranian project and domination in the region."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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