Besieged in Homs Condemn Damascus Truces

Demonstrators reject the truces as a humiliation aimed at quashing the revolution


Hundreds of people from the besieged city of Old Homs demonstrated on Tuesday against a recent truce agreed with Assad regime, describing it is a conspiracy against the Syrian people to end the revolution and benefit form a policy of starvation, activists said.


Abdul Basset al-Sarout, a revolutionary icon and vocal supporter, led the demonstration, shouting slogans in support of the revolution and rejectinghumiliation.


Syria’s army and rebels have agreed local truces in key flashpoints around Damascus, despite regime and opposition representatives failing to make any progress at Geneva peace talks.


In the southern suburb of Babila, AFP journalists on Monday saw rebels and soldiers – all armed – in conversation, which would have been unthinkable just days ago.


The local truces come 18 months into fierce fighting in and around the capital that has led rebels and Assad’s forces to compromise, with neither side able to clinch victory.


Besides Babila, deals have been struck for Moadamieh, Qudsaya, Beit Sahm, Yalda, Barzeh and Yarmouk – a former Palestinian camp.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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