People's Assembly Approves General Elections Law

New law assigns full supervision and control of the electoral process to the judiciary

The People’s Assembly approved on Monday the General Elections bill, which has now become law.


Minister of Justice, Najm al-Ahmad said in a statement to SANA that the general elections law is a "turning point" as it assigns the full supervision and control of the entire electoral process to the judiciary to ensure effective judicial monitoring.


A number of articles related to the procedures of the electoral process, vote counting and results announcement and challenging were approved during Sunday’s session of the People's Assembly.


Minister of Interior Major General Mohammad Shaar stressed the need for all Civil Register secretariats in the provinces to issue and replace all lost or damaged identity cards and issue new ones for those citizens who have reached 15 years as soon as possible in accordance with the rules and regulations.


He noted that all polling stations will be provided with forged ID detection devices, calling upon citizens who lost or damaged cards to visit their secretariats concerned to obtain new IDs.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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