Fake Promises Led To the Fall Of Yabroud

Activists say the Coalition has not provided any aid to Yabroud

Activists have claimed the fall of Yabroud was due to the lack of funding from the opposition and "fake" promises form the Syrian National Coalition.


An activist inside Yabroud confirmed fighting was still underway in the town Monday, but that no military or humanitarian support has been received from the Coalition or the interim government.


"There was an intensive fighting throughout last month, and regime planes were shelling us with missiles. We didn’t have the proper weapons to face them and whenever we asked the Coalition to send support, the reply was that the Coalition is to dedicate a meeting for Yabroud, promising to double the support," the activist said.


Yabroud fell on Sunday, although the rebels are still fighting. The opposition media office in Qalamon confirmed that "Assad troops along with Hezbollah have stormed the city through the Assalihiah neighborhood and the farms behind the Amal hospital, while clashes continue in the middle of the main street and in Sahlat Arrouis and Qamiah neighborhoods."


Activists in the city confirmed that they cannot hold their positions alone, as they lack the weapons that could allow them to do so, just as they lacked humanitarian and medical aid throughout the whole of last month.


One day before the fall of the city, the head of the Coalition, Ahmad Jarba, appeared asking the world to provide the proper support for the fighters at the front. The media office of the interim government said that $250,000 had been dedicated to help Yabroud. The Assistant Prime Minister of the interim government, Iyad al-Qudsi said in a press statement that the money will be given to the local councils in the afflicted cities.


"This is urgent aid until we provide all kinds of support to all the other regions in the country. A crisis cell was formed by the National Coalition, the interim Government and the councils inside Syria to deal with the sensitive situation in Aleppo and Yabroud," the statement said.


Another activist in Yabroud denied any aid had arrived, saying that "Yabroud withstood for a month because of the support of battalions from Homs, Zabadani and Wadi Barada, while the Coalition still discusses the military and humanitarian aid that can be sent to Yabroud."


Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer



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