Islamist Group Arrests Famous Female Activist for Refusing to Wear Hijab

Marcelle Shehwaro's mother was killed by Assad forces in 2012

Marcelle Shehwaro, a secular female activist, was arrested Monday for some hours by an Islamist group for refusing to wear the hijab.


Shehwaro was working on designing a wall carrying photographs of the city's victims, killed by the regime during the revolution against the regime of Bashar Assad.


Shehwaro, who comes from a Christian family, is a prominent dissident. She has refused to live the city of Aleppo or to move to the areas under the regime’s control. Her mother was killed by Assad forces in 2012.


The activist expressed frustration on her Facebook page following her release, saying she was arrested because she refused to wear the hijab and that her captors would would not let her go before signing a pledge that she would wear one.


Later the Islamist front, who arrested her, issued a statement in which it said regretted the incident and attributed it to individuals.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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