Director of 'Shakespeare in Zaatari' Drives out Pro-Assad Media From Camp

Bulbul is one of the first actors who declared his support of the Syrian revolution

In an honorable action, Syrian actor and director Nawar Bulbul forced the representatives of the Russian and Chinese TV to leave Zaatari refugee camp, and refused to let them film his play, 'Shakespeare in Zaatari.'


A video, posted on YouTube, showed the actor standing in front of the two press crews, who were in total disbelief, saying: "If you came here to film for the Chinese or Russian TV, then go out of here. But if you are here as friends who came to see the show, then you should sit in the audience seats.


The two teams returned to their employers empty-handed, according to activists.


Bulbul is one of the first actors who declared his support of the Syrian revolution and went out in demonstrations against the Syrian regime. He is known for his participation in Gota demonstrations in Homs calling for revolution and pacifism.


The actor was born in 1973, graduated from the Higher Institute of Dramatic Arts in Damascus, and has participated in several theatrical and television works He is the son of the author and playwrite Fahan Bulbul.

His play, 'Shakespeare in Zaatari was made "to shed some light on the suffering of the children of Syrian refugees in Jordan," he said.


It was performed by 70 refugee children who played essential and secondary roles in an artistic piece of work which says that all values advocated by Shakespeare for nearly four centuries of fairness, goodness and beauty haven’t contributed in humanizing human beings any more.


Therefore we need, according to Bulbul, to show the human face to those who led the Syrians to their current situation as a result of this war and that all the humanitarian values and ethics in this world haven’t protected these children or preserved their humanity.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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