Results of Coalition's Political Commission Elections Out

The results of the Syrian National Coalition Political Commission are out

The results are as follows:


Retaining their seats: Hadi al-Bahra, Anas Abda, Nazir al-Hakim, Ahmed Ramadan and Abdulahad Istefo.


Retaining their seats without elections: President Ahmed Jarba and his three deputies Farouk Tayfour, Noura al-Amir and Abdul Hakim Bashar, and the Secretary General, Badr Jamous.


Returning after three months: Salem al-Mislit.


Entering for the first time: Jamal al-Ward, Khaled al-Nasser, Yahya Maktabi, Riad Hassan, Nasr Hariri, Mohamed Khair al-Wazir, Salah Darwish, Mohamed Khair Bango, Hassan Hashemi, Anwar Badr, Ahmad Jaqal, Alia Mansour and Ziad Hassan.


Out of the Political Commission: Michel Kilo, Fayez Sara, Muwaffaq Neirabiah, Akram Assaf, Mounzer Makos, Kamal Labwani, Louay Safi, Abdulbassit Saida and Mouna Mustafa.


Meanwhile,  Rima Fleihan lost in the Political Commission's election for the second time in a row, after previously losing the vice presidential seat.


Tranlsated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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