Nationalist Syrian Party Calls for Election of Assad

A statement calling for the nomination of Assad appeared in many media outlets

The Syrian Social Nationalist Party has called to nominate Bashar Assad for the Presidency of the Republic.


A statement issued by the party's political bureau in Damascus said that Assad "is the Syrian guarantee to the victory over terrorism and the conspiracy targeting its unity and stability."


The statement said that "the presidential election is a culmination of the democratic and constitutional path", pointing out that the party "sees Assad as a guarantee for Syrians to build a modern, civil, strong and fair state as well as a guarantee to solidify the unity of the Syrians against partisanship, sectarianism and fragmentation."


The statement added that "the leadership of President Assad constitutes a guarantee for the continuation of Syria's national role, a base for resistance against the Zionist enemy and its greed in our country, an icon for the surroundings countries, a new mission in victory over the dragon of terrorism and in the battle of reconstruction and recovery and reform."


The Syrian Social Nationalist Party has recently mourned the death of Ayman Akl al-Ali, the member of the party who was killed on 10 April in Qalamoon, near Radar Hill.


The party said Ali was born in Golan Heights in 1974 and was married with five sons. He joined the party in 2012 and followed the Directorate of Batiha-Damascus Countryside.


"He is one of the heroes who took part in combat missions against terrorism and extremism in more than one region in Syria".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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