Interior Ministry Seized Licensed Weapons in Hassakeh: Document

The ministry is acquiring weapons for redistribution


An official leaked document has revealed that regime Interior Ministry resorted to the "requisition” of all licensed weapons in Hassakeh city, in the north east of the country, and refused the renewal of any license to carry or possess arms.


The procedure appears aimed at firstly overcoming a shortfall in ministry’s weapons stock, which was exposed in a series of leaked official documents published by Zaman al-Wasl, and secondly, to retreive weapons from unreliable people to be redistributed to loyal and reliable ones.


The document No /4676 W/ shows that the Minister of Interior has issued directives in this regard to Hassakeh’s police and that 74 war pistols have been already regained in addition to 147 hunting rifles.


Dated 7 June, 2013, the document suggested that the Interior Minister Mohammed al-Shaar form a technical committee "with the task of examining regained weapons, choosing those sufficient for service and pricing them to pay their value to the owners through General Foreign Trade Organization, Gota.


Unusable weapons, the document suggested, sould be submitted to “Gota” to conduct repairs, noting that the ministry doesn’t have the necessary facilities and workshops to repair these weapons.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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