Major Rebel Groups Set Rules of Engagement

The charter stems from Shariah

Syria's key rebel group the Islamic Front, along with four other rebel formations released a statement on Saturday in what it called an "honor charter" to regulate rebels’ rules of engagement as well to clarify their goals and agenda for the coming days.


The statement called on all rebel groups fighting on the Syrian ground to join the revolutionary charter, which stems from the Islamic Shariah and maintains the revolutionary principles.


“The charter determinants are derived from the provisions of Islam away from militancy and extremism,” it said.


The political objective of the armed revolution, according to the charter, is to oust Bashar Assad and fights his allies and Iran’s proxies in Syria as well ad Iraqi Shiite militias form the Abou Fadhel al-Abbas and Hezbollah movements, the statement said.



Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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