Nationwide Events Held in Support of Presidential Election

Marches held in Damascus, Homs and Hama


In fulfillment of national duty, the Syrian people continued on Monday to organize events in support of the presidential election process, the army and national principles across the country.


A mass march was organized in Homs in support of the army, the presidential election process and the national principles.


In Damascus, the teachers and students of the Medicine Faculty at Damascus University staged a massive gathering in front of the faculty.


The Revolution Youth Union, Damascus Branch, meanwhile held an event in al-Rawda Square in Damascus.


Popular gatherings were also held in the villages of al-Sefsafiyeh and Karnaz in the central province of Hama, with participants expressing support for the Syrian Arab Army in facing the armed terrorist groups and rejection of any foreign interference in the homeland.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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